Since its inception in 1999, Fulcrum Digital has been providing consulting services and innovative custom solutions for Supply Chain Management. Headquartered in NJ, USA, Fulcrum serves its global clientele from offices spread across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. SupplyDay is Fulcrum's next-generation SaaS-based technology platform, providing process automation, information integration and analytics to supply chain organizations.
With customisations and integration capabilities, SupplyDay provides the best of both words, making it much simpler to satay on the roadmap towards business outcomes. For business processes across the supply chain, it has a simple, task-oriented interface, which internally utilizes the information captured from interpersonal interactions and enterprise data to support operation decisions with actionable intelligence. This supply chain SaaS solution offers end-to-end automation of the business process, including:
  • A self-service portal for suppliers
  • Role-based dashboards for staff
  • Automation of business rules and calculations
  • Reports/analytics that give business insights
  • Real-time monitoring of deliveries
  • An e-Commerce portal for customers.
SupplyDay has been developed for business in manufacturing, distribution, and logistics sectors based on our domain expertise. This hi-tech supply chain management platform allows companies to receive information across in-house operations and other business-critical systems outside of the ERP. It also allows businesses to streamline communications across all stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, and customers Supplyday can be customized or integrated with other systems as needed. Our SaaS base model allows customers to specifically purchase only the modules they need to enhance their operations. To learn more about what we can do for your Supply Chain, contact us today!
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Fulcrum Digital is a global software product and management consulting firm with headquarters in NJ, USA and decades of successful operations in the UK, Europe, Latin America, and India. Fulcrum is a recognized thought leader in mid-sized markets for Business and Digital Transformation with 1000+ qualified resources serving over 150 customers spanning multiple continents.

Fulcrum has successfully delivered more than 50 enterprise-wide portals in Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Media, and Manufacturing industries. Fortune 500 companies choose Fulcrum for value-added IT services, product development, and business solutions. We were rated among the fastest growing Software Companies in Inc 5000 Club and No. 7 Technology firm in New Jersey by NJ Biz. IDC Data Quest recognized us as the 15th best employer in the Indian IT industry.

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