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    SupplyDay Qualify (SDQ)

    Fulcrum SupplyDay Qualify (SDQ) is a platform that helps organizations automate and streamline
    their suppliers, contractors, vendors onboarding and prequalification process.

    More Features

    Dashboard & Reporting

    Powerful business reporting and analytics. Get useful business insights with easy to understand dashboards.

    Purchase Management

    Generate POs for vendors and be notified about any discrepancies throughout PO life cycle. Forecast demand for products and automate your PO generation.

    Warehouse & Inventory Management

    Efficiently manage your warehouse with real time information about stocks. Allows you to repackage products and to create your own recipes.

    Customer and Order Management

    Manage & track your customer’s orders, deliveries, payments and related information. Helps you in setting customer specific product pricing and delivering efficient service to your customer.

    Vendor Management

    Manage your vendor’s product pricing, vendor assets, financial terms, purchase orders etc.

    Equipment and Parts Management

    Manage your equipment, service associated to it and their customer locations. Ease your equipment tracking through our barcode scanning app.

    Fleet Management

    Manage your fleet and optimize your deliveries with our route optimization capability. Provides you the real time tracking of vehicle and deliveries.


    Sell your products to a large number of customers through our e-commerce portal. Helps you in acquiring new business customers.



    The distribution industry is going through many challenges across unique vertical segments: competition from big retailers and manufacturers, stress on product and customer profitability and customers specific and ever-changing needs. To handle these challenges,there exist compelling opportunities to boost the botton-line, in the form of technology enhancements to inventory and warehouse management, advanced order and customer management and efficient last-mile distribution.



    The Manufacturing industry faces peculiar challenges as demand increases. Particularly, the demand for delivery mere hours after a customer places an order. This creates a need for smoother transition between Supplier and Customer. Manufacturing companies demand to have an optimized supply chain management process that can automate and improve their business operations.



    As methods and strategies behind logistics operations change, so should the technology approach to effectively manage the logistics of your company. New challenges require logistics companies to have minute by minute tracking of equipment, fleet and goods, in all parts of the world to save on cost while guaranteeing timely delivery.



    Retail is a diversified industry, with each sub-sector having its own unique supply chain needs. As omnichannel shopping is becoming the new norm, retailers need to have a new supply chain network approach. Managing supply chain efficiency is also essential for attaining cost efficiency, global reach, order fulfillment, end-to-end security, and multi-channel delivery. SupplyDay comes with e-commerce, online ordering, and customer self-service capabilities to enhance business agility and customer experience.

    Plans & Pricing


    SaaS subscription charges per module licensed, based on the number of users. Subscription charges include ongoing monitoring, maintenance and backups to ensure continuity of business operations.


    Professional services covering configuration, deployment, training and release of the product for your organization.

    Customization and Integration

    Changes to existing features, addition of new features and integration with your existing systems to maximize business benefits.

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