Fulcrum SupplyDay Qualify(Fulcrum SDQ) is a platform that helps organizations automate and streamline their suppliers, contractors, vendors onboarding and prequalification process.

Every third-party business relationship in your supply chain increases your exposure to financial risk. A sub-contractor default or vendor/supplier failure can have serious ramifications that send shockwaves through your entire supply chain, halting growth, and harming profitability. That’s why prequalification of vendors, suppliers and third-party contractors is so critical to your business. 

Fulcrum SDQ streamlines all manual Prequal workflows and establishes a rule-based engine, allowing you to score the qualification for each vendor/supplier/contractor.



Fulcrum SDQ is a secure web-portalwhere vendors, contractors and suppliers can register to do business with you. Your business partners are directed to the portal, where they can register and respond to the requests for information and documents required for approvals.

Built with complex supply chains in mind, SDQ organizes and keeps all your partners documentation up to date, accurate, and available at any time. Information provided by vendors into SDQ will integrate directly with your existing systems, providing you with a complete solution.


  • Onboarding
  • Business Diversity
  • License Tracking
  • OSHA 300 Log & Tracking
  • W9s, HHA, and other documents
  • EH&S Information Tracking


  • Increased Eficiency
  • Reduced Administrative Burden
  • Greater Visibility
  • Safer Decisions
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased Savings




A configurable prequalification platform to match your unique prequal process

PreQual brings a new level of transparency to outside business relationships by organizing, simplifying, and monitoring key risk indicators and exposure to outside liabilities. This innovative platform and service solution combines dynamic software with expert analysis to identify potential liabilities before they financially impact your company.


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